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I made the charge because of Teesta Setalvad’s pressure.I kept on telling her not to include that charge in my affidavit, yet it was included.” In her statement before the SIT on May 20, 2008, Madina, who has remarried now, said: “The charge made by Malek claiming that I was raped by a riotous mob is false. When the riotous mob put my house on fire, I tried to run but was attacked by a rioter who injured me with a knife.Later I managed to merge in a Muslim crowd.”There are six other affidavits filed by different Muslim witnesses on November 15, 2003, that wantonly allege rape in the Naroda Gam and Naroda Patiya riot cases without giving any details.Interestingly, all the affidavits have a uniform language: “Over 110 persons were not simply killed, but raped and mutilated as well, including young children.

The statement of Imtiaz Pathan in the Gulberg trial also raises eyebrows.

While one complaint accuses Guddu Chara, one of the main accused in the Naroda Patiya case, of ripping open Kausarbanu’s womb, extracting her foetus and flinging it with a sword; another complaint accuses Babu Bajrangi, yet another accused in the case, of doing the act.

A third complaint, on the other hand, does not name the accused but describes the alleged act.

So when the SIT forced the witnesses to give their statement during the interrogation, there was a vast difference between the ‘readymade typed’ statements and the oral evidence that the police had received earlier.

As a senior lawyer defending the accused puts it: “The witnesses under the influence of the human rights activists didn’t allow videotaping of their statements while they were being recorded.

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Last week, eight years after the alleged incident, Dr J. Kanoria, who conducted the post-mortem on Kausarbanu’s body on March 2, 2002, denied that any such incident had ever happened.

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