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Listen to the whole thing below: As we approach the halfway point of 2017, here are our favorite albums songs from what is shaping up to be a frenetic, kind of convoluted (we are not on board with the teaser trend, just drop the jams), and overwhelmingly great year for new music: It may or may not be that time yet, but here is the highly subjective list of our 60 favorite albums -- too long, I know, but we could have gone much deeper -- from an unfathomably weird, incredible, terrifying 2016.It was a year marked by loss and uncertainty, and that might be why music felt more monumental to us than ever. Check the full list a lovingly curated four-hour Spotify playlist below, and as always, we'd love to hear about your favorites that we might have missed.Read More Check the dreamy and wistful lead single from the self-titled debut LP from The Green Child, a new long-distance collab from Mikey of Total Control and Raven of Grass Widow.BEHAVIOR & ECOLOGY (Craighead 1979) (Craighead et al 1995) (Garshelis 2009) (Huber & Roth 1997) (Kurt 1990) (Mc Lellan & Hovey 2001) (Mc Loughlin 2002) (Murie 1985) (Pasitschniak-Arts 1993) (Servheen 1993) (Schwartz 2003) (Weber 1986) (Wilson & Mittermeir 2009) DIET & FEEDING (Craighead 1995) (Hilderbrand et al 1999) (Mattson & Merrill 2002) (Mowat & Heard 2006) (Murie 1985) (Sacco and Van Valkenburgh 2004) (White et al 1998) (Xu et al 2006) (Zager and Beecham 2006) © 2010 San Diego Zoo Global. Disclaimer: Although San Diego Zoo Global makes every attempt to provide accurate information, some of the facts provided may become outdated or replaced by new research findings.The brown bear is sometimes referred to as the bruin, from Middle English.This name originated in the fable, History of Reynard the Fox, translated by William Caxton, from Middle Dutch bruun or bruyn, meaning brown (the color).A genetic analysis indicated that the brown bear lineage diverged from the cave bear species complex approximately 1.2-1.4 million years ago but did not clarify if U.savini persisted as a paraspecies for the brown bear before perishing.

There are hundreds of obsolete brown bear subspecies, each with its own name, and this can become confusing; Hall (1981) lists 86 different types and even as many as 90 have been proposed.As the internet's collective attention span continues to dwindle away and the clickbait economy slowly ruins everything good, we made a conscious effort this year to spend more time listening to fewer things.Discovering new favorites will always remain a priority around here, but it felt good to devote more quality time to absorbing ambitious, flawed, elaborately nuanced and layered masterpieces like Dust, Quazarz, Party, and The OOZ.The point at which the polar bear diverged from the brown bear is unclear with estimations based on genetics and fossils ranging from 400,000 to 70,000 years ago, but most recent analysis has indicated that the polar split somewhere between 250,000 and 130,000 years ago. It is thought to be the ancestor of the polar bear and the Kodiak bear, A majority of Siberia from the Yenisei River to as far south as the Altai Mountains in northern Mongolia, northernmost Xinjiang and northeastern Kazakhstan. beringianus, with a proportionately larger skull than the nominate subspecies.DNA analysis recently revealed that the brown bears in North America are genetically quite homogeneous except for the one subspecies the Kodiak bear and the enigmatic ABC Islands bears that have the mt DNA of the polar bear (Ursus maritimus). Ranges as far north as southwestern Taymyr Peninsula and Anabar River. In the sub-Arctic region of Yakutia, bears are reportedly quite small compared to other regions.

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