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GEORGE ALBERT OF Cosh Box JUNE, 1971 Dear Friends The past 12 months have been, needless to say, an anxious period for the recording business. As if matters of a financial nature were not a sufficient fact of life, there have even been assaults in the consumer press — hardly justified by basic sales patterns — that the sound of contemporary music is in trouble. Simply, we feel, by continuing to exercise sound business judgment that, in essence, might make good sense in any business climate.

Certainly, the business, as most other areas of our economy, has had to make adjustments in the light of the slow economy.

These are by now familiar phrases to the industry by virtue of an economy that IS yet to recover from a depressed state.

NCl JO'ES For Me’ xiwin Hawkins GETTOCETHERi Bia WITHERS JUSTASIAM LENA HORNE Ihe Flainin Groovies JAe KWILD Everything’s 0oming Op Roses r-^ nrt" JTi f 1 T ▼j 3 d i 1 i 1- X 1 iia® & CURTIS Li 2-RECORD SET. :'k We at RCA Records have a concern both for today's music and today's music business.

South East Asia ' Cosdel (Far East) Ltd., Cosdel (Hong Kong) Ltd., Cosdel (Singapore) Ltd. 116-118-120 Record Pressers 136-138-140 Record Promotion & Publicity Offices 114 Record Sleeve Manufacturers 146 Record Mailers 144 Recording Studios 128-130-132-134 'T TP TIP 1 .1 ini U|] ij - l U Ar&ontina 42 Aii Qtri^li A ....

Philippines Pilipinas Record Corporation Portugal Telectra Puerto Rico Kelvinator Sales of Puerto Rico, Inc. nil S 4 CRDH/N MOTHER MODERN TAPE CORP UORffil NU UTISTOUIEBITS TO) 180 Custom Tape Duplicators 4-TRACK / 8-TRACK / CASSETTE / OPEN REEL Album Jacket Manufacturers 144 Cash Box Poll Results (Big 3 Pop Winners) 27 Cash Box Pop Poll Winners 28 Cash Box Poll Results (Big 3 Album Winners) 100 Cash Box Album Poll Winners 102 Cash Box Poll Results (Big 3 Country Winners) 150 Cash Box Poll Results (Country Music) 154 Cash Box Results (Past Winners) 30 Cash Box Poll Results (Pop) 30 Cash Box Poll Results (Big 3 R&B Winners) 110 Cash Box Poll Winners R&B 112 Envelope & Mailers 144 Golden Albums 104-106-108 Machine Shops 146 Million Sellers 92-94-96-98 One-Stop 76-80-81 Publishers Hitting Top 100 122-124-126 Rack Jobbers 86-88 Record Distributors 32-36-38-40-44-46-50-52-56-58-60-64 Record Importers & Exporters 142 Record Manufacturers 66-68-72 Record Platers 140 Record Producers Hitting Top 100 ...

BOB TUBERT: Satin Pillows (To Cry On) Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else etc.

The greatest benefits are for our artists — now when we release new product it won't be breaking in just one country, but all over the world at the same time. f 1 vjt North American Philips Corporation, New York, N. Marketed by: Home Entertainment Products Division, New York, N. Mega, All Spanish and Mexican labels) TAPE: (Ampex, Decca, GRT, Liberty, Muntz, Capitol, PSaytape) HOUSTON— (713) Art Jones & Co., Inc. Of course, this semiprofessional tape comes with a lifetime guarantee. Y.; Mercury Record Productions Inc., Chicago, 111.; North American Philips Lighting Corporation, Hightstown, N. Vanguard, Fiesta, Liv- ing Language, Musart, DDG, Peter Pan, Cricket, Ambassador, Crown, Caedman, Folkways, Original Sound, Young Peoples, Audio Fidelity, Ran- wood. Whitehead 688-0341 (Colgems, Kirshner, Poppy, RCA) TAPE: (Chart, Colgems, Kirshner, Pop- py, RCA) Capitol Records Dist. 6400 Westpart Drive Tom Ellison (Capitol, Apple, Angel, Invictus, Fame, Trump, Seraphim, Shelter, Island, Harvest) H. And we realize that the entire world is our market. That's why we've adopted a new global outlook for our music. Austria I Musica Schai Iplatten Vertrieb Gmb H Belgium t Inelco Belgium.

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