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t=171537443&p=1444534723&viewfull=1#post1444534723You don't pay for things with money, you pay with your time Minimalist Crew And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. Like-like-like Troy, like Chiles heel, I'm a god forever I'll be remembered for thousands of years to come' - Jason Genova Texas Method Mod: I would love to see a show that spends time to talk about that in depth without skirting around the facts. I recently discovered ART in front of the Golden Gate Bridge it is a large pictorial of 911. I recently see your show where you talked about the strange turtles that were found in Peru in the Nazca plateau. I 44 years and a devoted catholic but when I see structural and pyramids all over the place dating before any modern technology is in possible.Maybe it's best not to, but I'd sure like to see a discussion among you guys at Ancient Aliens. This is definitely not man-made it is miles long and miles wide and too many intricate patterns to be made by Nature or accidental I usually posted a video on You Tube and title WTF underwater pictorial 911 no one seems to want to comment at all as if turning a blind eye I'd appreciate some feedback on it please go see if you yourself. There you talked about the unusual shape of the skulls. To me Jesus was half human half non human with powers at that time we didn't imagine.Thanks, If you take where you believe where "Die Glocke" left from, 20 years before 1965, in 1965, taking the rotating of the globe and longitude and latitude into the equation, (you have access to computers to calculate that), any chance it lines up? Looking at the map, PA kind up matches up with SW Poland! I always leave the Tempe campus and notice something weird about the mountain.Just hit my mind and never mentioned from anyone else! I don't have the info but, it just struck me as interesting! As I leave from school, I drive North on N Priest Drive to get on the 202 freeway heading toward Phoenix.

The image is usually captioned with the word "Aliens", and is used in response to situations when confusing or otherwise perplexing information or occurrences are posted on messageboards online.

Tsoukalos is also Erich von Daniken’s official representative in the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world. Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries …and counting).

For over 10 years, Tsoukalos has been the Director of Erich von Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (A. Today, he is one of a few people who have actually visited and explored nearly all the mysterious places our planet has to offer.

There are other artworks all up and down the coast including one that I believe depicts woolly mammoths further north. In that program you found on one of the skulls some strange holes. To me it was a test for human society and we failed. So you stop and think why would the government tell us the truth.

Again I really appreciate some feedback on it there's no denying what it is representing please go see if your self on Google Maps or Google Earth I've often noticed a binary code and different languages possibly Morse code as well which I was late make a video of on You Tube WTF can anyone help Translate these images Hello, Giorgio. If we messed up so long ago This website performs the unusual, by exploring alternative ways for the archaeological analysis of ancient civilizations & their gods.

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He is also the Publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal.

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