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Rebecca becomes romantically involved with Luke and starts working at his new company.According to DVD commentary, Lithgow turned down the role of Edgar West twice before accepting it.The film uses the novel's American title Confessions of a Shopaholic reinterpreting Rebecca as an American rather than English.Filming took place in New York, Connecticut, and Florida from February to May 2008.While inspecting a cashmere coat she has just purchased, she realizes it is not 100% cashmere and she has been duped.This gives her an idea for the column, which she writes and submits to Luke.Meanwhile, Luke starts a new company, Brandon Communications.

Rebecca later returns home to renewed confrontations with her debt collector, Derek Smeath, so Suze makes her attend Shopaholics Anonymous.Several of the costumes were from the collection of French couture designer Gilles Montezin.Confessions of a Shopaholic has received generally negative reviews from critics.Rebecca interviews with Luke Brandon, the editor of Successful Savings and the man who just gave her the .She hides her scarf outside his office, but Luke's assistant comes into the office and gives it back to her. That evening, drunk, she and Suze write letters to Alette and Successful Savings, but she mails each to the wrong magazine.

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Her credit card is declined, so Rebecca goes to a hot dog stand and offers to buy all the hot dogs with a check, if the seller gives her back change in cash, saying the scarf is to be a gift for her sick aunt.

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