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And to remedy that problem, Microsoft provided a scoped values.

The tip here is use the Synchronize button anytime you change the values in the Visual Studio Settings pane.

But remember that when you deploy the EXE, the only values that your application will read from the .config file are scoped values will be read from the user.config mentioned above.

Synchronize Often If you been able get this far without falling asleep, you have probably pondered the concept that with so many files holding the same data that things could get out of sync.

I then added a serialport, and changed the Port Name to COM4. I then double-clicked the button, and it changed to the code view. Until then, feel free to contact me with any further questions : Dthank you so much! my project is due 3 weeks later and my group is still struggling alot and all of us are quite new to microsoft visual studio and arduino! I'm now able to display the data from the sensor i'm using on the textbox. i can't display double data type (example, values like 25.6, 34.8.

We used to save our application or user settings in an INI file (dark ages) or more recently in XML files using our own code or classes borrowed from other developers. NET framework using Visual Studio can take advantage of built-in tools to simplify or speed up access and saving of runtime values. C# code uses a slightly different syntax the concepts are similar.

Once common example is saving database connection string information in a configuration file so that it may be changed without need to recompile the application. The following examples are using Visual Studio 2008 and VB. The Basics Each value you want to use in your application is defined as simple name=value pairs and saved in special XML files.

The app.config is used directly by VS 2008 and updated when you edit the values in the VS project properties settings pane.

The .config files in the output folders are copies that can be distributed with your EXE in the same folder.

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Invoke(new Event Handler(Do Update));" codes (seen in the attached image). : DIndex Out Of Bounds is called when not enough data has been sent from the arduino to split it correctly.

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