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Three Beautiful Poses to Chose From' - 1977 Sears Christmas Wish Book ad' Feel the Velvet, Baby! I'm not as innocent as I seem' - 1980 Maybelline Kissing Slicks ad and T-shirt offer' Free Demo.' Nintendo's Paper Mario ad from 2001 [499 × 750]' Gary Larson thought he had all the answers:' Riddle of the Sphinx by Imagic for the Atari VCS from 1982.' Gee, dad - I'd hate to be a Jap kid' - 1943 Sparton radios ad' Get them off your dog.' - FRONTLINE Flea & Tick Control [611x461]' Gifts that say Merry Christmas with every puff.'' Giganta...' - 1978 Black Velvet Canadian Whisky ad featuring telly Savalas' Festive! A Robot That Automatically Produces Fun' - 1974 ad from playground equipment catalog' Girls Can't Resist This KISS ME NECKTIE As It GLOWS In The DARK! Pace' Jaguar Ad from 1962 [1521x2048]' Gripping Performance' 2008 Toyo Tires Ad, Advertising Agency, GMASCO, Dubai, UAE [1200 × 838]' Have YOU tasted the NEW BEVERLY?' - The Mistress Collection by Funky ad, 1970's' Aren't you glad you had ' Spoon Size' Shredded Wheat this morning, Mr. And aren't you sorry that Willie Davis did too!' - 1967 Nabisco Shredded Wheat ad' As Real As It Gets' - Adobe Photoshop [6307 x 3941]' Assurance...' - Hurst Ad, 1963' At Last!Muhammad Ali for d-Con roach traps, circa 1980.' I want Jazzercise! ' 1947 Cannon Percale Sheets ad from Better Homes and Gardens' It takes something pretty strong to make people to trade in their Volkswagens.' The 1972 AMC Gremlin.' It's the Pabst flavor' beer ad from 1912' Join the Polaroid Set' - 1970s Polaroid ad' Jolly ' Em Up with Jell-O' - 1949 Jell-O ad' Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.' - May 2006 ' Baby Ronald' ad from Mc Donald's. When all the shouting is over, folks will go right on voting for Budweiser.' - 1952 Budweiser ad' Keep her where she belongs...' - 1974 Weyenberg Massagic Shoes ad' Keep on Trackin' - 1974 Stephens Electronics reel to reel tape recorder ad' Ladies, don't argue with a burglar.Show him a revolver.' - Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, 1901' Lady, remember that Bisquick waffles almost make themselves!' Any protein cereal helps keep you the same size..long as it's Post Grape Nuts' - 1958 Post grape Nuts ad' Are you making plans for your wife's death?

' - Mar, 1969 Ivory Soap ad' Children and doctors agree...

Bosco is Best' - 1933 Bosco Chocolate Malt Flavor Ad' Cigarettes are like women.

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Ask Mother for a ' Weeny Witch' Halloween Party' - 1950 Skinless Frankfurter and Weiner ad' House of the Future' - Motorola Television, 1961.' How Grandma Sacked the Quarterback and Won the Big Game...': Entex Electronic Football, 1980.' How to be... ', Kent bicycles, 1980s-early 90s.' How to catch the early, early show with an easy, easy, dinner' - 1953 Swanson T. Dinner ad' How we saved the universe with our Banana-Talkies and got back to tell about it with our Banana- Compasses.' - 1979 Chiquita Brands, Inc. Get a Cracker Jack Jingle Beanie' - 1955 Cracker Jack ad' I can even see what I'm not watching.'' I don't judge my cigarette by its length.'' I dreamed I played in an all-girl orchestra...'' I got the Porsche, the house and the kids but she got the Sanyo' - 1980 Sanyo MX920K ad' I never even thought of burning my bra until I discovered Smirnoff... ' GE dishwasher and disposal ad from 1949.' If Animals Could Judge' - An ad against animal cruelty [538x768]' If Your Date Says Goodnight With a Handshake, Better Join The Club' - 1974 Career Club Knits ad' If unique is what you seek' - Colt 45 malt liquor ad featuring Redd Foxx, 1974' Improve your pick-ups.' 1979 ad for Thrush Mufflers.' In the past they hunted bulls and horses with arrows.

Anything's possible - when you learn to handle Smirnoff.' - 1970's Smirnoff ad' I suffered from menstrual cramps.' - 1968 Femicin ad' I think they're beautiful, 'specially since my picture is on the box. Today it's the other way around.' - Mercedes ad in Spielberg (x-post r-Formula1) [1122 x 631]' It all started when I typed hello.' Prodigy ad from 1996.' It doesn't pay to elope! [1200 × 938]' KRD-18 Triple Conversion Superheterodyne Micro-XK Radar Detector' - 1987 Kraco Micro Radar Detector ad' Keep Cool...

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